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WTHA Photographs 2011
On May 21, 2011, several WTHA members attended the Mountain-Pecos Regional History Conference in Sanderson. The event, sponsored by the Terrell County Historical Commission and the Terrell County Museum, was spearheaded by Katie Roberts and provided great presentations that included talks on preservation of the Limpia and Paisaino Hotels, crime and punishment in Sanderson, and early aviation exploits of the "Vin Fiz." WTHAers in attendance included Travis Roberts, Troy Ainsworth, Paul Wright, Russell Smith, Peggy Kelton, Holle Humphries, and Tai Kreidler. [Photos and recap by Tai Kreidler.]

WTHA sponsored a session at the Historical Society of New Mexico meeting in Ruidoso, New Mexico, from May 5-7, 2011.  The session, titled "Bosque Redondo: New Perspectives," featured speakers Robert Hall and Peggy Hardman re-evaluating the Navajo Long Walk and the eventual incarceration of the Dine and Mescalero Apache people in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Bruce Glasrud presided.

Other WTHA members were in attendance. George Cooper of Houston presented his paper, "The Modern Civil Rights Movement in New Mexico,"  Holle Humphries of Lubbock presented on "Luis Jimenez: Artist of the Southwest," and Tai Kreidler gave his presentation on "Imprisoning a Saint in Camp Santa Fe: Rev. Hisanori Kano’s Odyssey." [Photos and recap by Tai Kreidler.]

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