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Since 1925, the West Texas Historical Association has published the WTHA Yearbook. Published annually, the Yearbook contains peer reviewed articles as well as other information about the organization. In 2014, the name of publication was officially changed to the West Texas Historical Review (WTHR).

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Address all article submissions and related correspondence to Robert G. Weaver, Editor, West Texas Historical Review, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, WTHA, Box 41041, TTU, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1041. robert.g.weaver@ttu.edu

To purchase back issues of the West Texas Historical Review (WTHA Yearbook) - email Lynn Whitfield at lynn.whitfield@ttu.edu with the volume(s) you wish to purchase and your contact information, including mailing address. Volumes 1 (1925) - 92 (2016) cost $15 each + shipping and volumes 93 (2017) - 94 (2018) cost $25 each with shipping included. The most current volume is available only to our membership. Payment can be made either using a credit card, Paypal or check.

*These volumes are currently sold out and are unavailable for purchase - Volume 14 (1938), Volume 16 (1940), Volume 19 (1943), Volume 25 (1949), and Volume 30 (1954).

The Cyclone is WTHA's newsletter. 

For new submissions for The Cyclone, please forward information about personal and institutional events, activities, and publications to Tai Kreidler. The WTHA publishes the newsletter twice yearly, in August and February. 

Please contact Tai directly at tai.kreidler@ttu.edu

Below, you can read previous issues of The Cyclone. All are PDF files.

Caption: Members enjoying the book exhibits at the 2000 Midland meeting.
Pictured include [left to right] Clint Chambers and Grover Murray.

P.O. 41041
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas

Ph. 806-742-9076 or

Bylaws of the WTHA (2013)

WTHA Yearbook Editorial Board

Robert G. Weaver
Texas Tech University

Elissa Stroman
Texas Tech University

Katelin Dixon
Texas Tech University

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