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West Texas Historical Review - Authors "A"
Below, alphabetized by author's last name, is a list of articles appearing in the West Texas Historical Review (formerly called The Yearbook). In instances when there is no author given, the article is listed by title:

Authors whose last name begin with "A"

  • Adams, Michael.  "Crossroads on the Dance Floor": vol. 66: 147.
  • Aday, Lu Ann.  "From Open to Closed Range Ranching in Cochran County, Texas: The History of Old Surratt Territory": vol. 76: 139.
  • Alf, E. Karl.  "George Wilkins Kendall and the West Texas Sheep Industry": vol. 58: 67.
  • Ainsworth, Len, Editor. "Notes and Documents- 'Crimmins and Cameron'": vol. 86: 158.
  • Ainsworth, Troy Michael.  "Henry Connelly's Commercial Expedition from Mexico to the American Southwest, 1839-40": vol. 79: 160.
  • Ainsworth, Troy.  "Mabel Welch: El Paso's First Woman Architect": vol. 85: 139.
  • Ainsworth, Troy.  "The Second Santa Fe Expedition: Jacob Snively and the Mission to Disrupt New Mexico Commerce in 1843": vol. 82: 23.
  • [Edited by] Allison, Austin.  "Notes, Documents, and Sundries - JA Cattle Company": vol. 88: 173.
  • [Edited by] Allison, Austin. "Notes, Documents, and Sundries - Newspapers, Oil, and Railroad Land": vol. 90: 129.
  • [Editor] Allison, Austin. "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 90: 160.
  • [Editor] Allison, Austin. "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 92: 182.
  • [Editor] Allison, Austin. "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 94: 145.
  • [Editor] Allison, Austin. "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 95: 149.
  • [Editor] Allison, Austin. "Publications in West Texas History": vol. 96: 200.
  • Allison, Fred. "Lubbock's Most Sensational Murder Case": vol. 76: 40.
  • Álvarez, José Manuel Serrano and Allan J. Kuethe.  "The San Sabá Presidio and Spain's Frontier Policy in North America": vol. 83: 7.
  • Amin, Julius. "Black Lubbock: 1955 to the Present": vol. 65: 24.
  • Anderson, Adrian N. "Last Phase of Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie's 1874 Campaign Against the Comanches, The": vol. 40: 71.
  • Anderson, Allen. "Ballyhooing in West Texas: Memories of a Cowboy Band Alumnus": vol. 71: 157. H.
  • Anderson, George S "West Texas and Its Press as I Have Known Them": vol. 18: 3.
  • Anderson, H. Allen. "A Bow Tie Maverick in West Texas: Grover E. Murray and the Emergence of Texas Tech University": vol. 91: 81.
  • Anderson, H. Allen.  "John C. Granbury and the Modernist-Fundamentalist Controversy of 1931-32": vol. 88: 118.
  • Anderson, H. Allen.  "The Last of the Wildcatters: A Tribute to Harvey B. Rhoads": vol. 79: 77.
  • Anderson, H. Allen.  "The Laying of the Cornerstone: Lubbock's Most Memorable Armistice Day": vol. 85: 81.
  • Anderson, H. Allen, editor.  "Indian Raids on the Texas Frontier: The Personal Memoir of Hugh Allen Anderson": vol. 51: 85.
  • Anderson, H. Allen.  "Monroe Brown and Rebecca Skeen Sawyer: Pioneers of the South Plains": vol. 60: 67.
  • Anderson, H. Allen. "Montie Ritchie and the JA Ranch: A Tribute": vol. 77: 6.
  • Anderson, H. Allen. "Mountain Pass: A Texas Frontier Landmark": vol. 53: 57.
  • Anderson, H. Allen. "The Westerner Band and Seldom Inn: Personal Recollections of Lubbock in the Thirties": vol. 74: 57.
  • Anderson, H. Allen. "The West Texas Museum and Its Hidden Treasure: The Story of the Peter Hurd Mural": vol. 94: 52.
  • Armes, Ashley. "Kent Hance, George W. Bush, and West Texas' 1978 Congressional Election (Outstanding Student Paper Award)": vol. 81: 113.
  • Aston, B. W.  "Affairs of the Association: 1998 Annual Meeting": vol. 74: 190.
  • Aston, B. W.  "Annual Financial Report of the Executive Director": vol. 74: 192.
  • Aston, B. W.  "Another Day-Another Time: Abilene in 1885": vol. 54: 32.
  • Aston, B. W.  "John D. Windham: Diary of a Frontier Doctor": vol. 75: 18.
  • Aston, B. W.  "Roby Gets a Railroad": vol. 52: 71.
  • Aston, B. W.  "The West Texas Historical Association": vol. 76: 6.
  • Aston, B.W., and Ken Jacobs.  "Mrs. John (Thelma) Berry": vol. 59: 156.
  • Austerman, Wayne R.  "Jose Policarpo Rodriquez: Chicano Plainsman": vol. 59: 52.
  • Austerman, Wayne R.  "San Antonio--El Paso Mail, C. S. A., The": vol. 58: 77.

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