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Catching Up with Old Friends and Colleagues (2002)
Below are some images from the annual meeting held at the Barcelona Court Hotel in Lubbock, Texas, in 2002.  More pictures can be found on page 2.

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Tiffany and Rob Fink.

Scott Sosebee heading off to one of the sessions.

Attendees chatting in the atrium.


Tai Kreidler and ?

Randy Vance, ? and Paul Carlson fueling up before the next session.

Sharleen Formby Rhodes


Monte Monroe.


Monte Monroe chatting with a fellow member.

H. B. Paksoy and Patt Perry.

Members taking a break between sessions.

Unidentified members chatting.

Tai Kreidler, Georgia Mae Ericson, H. B. Poksoy and other members.

Tai Kriedler and ?

Janet Neugebauer and Noel Parsons.

Members at Work (2002)

Pulling off the meeting requires coordination and commitment from members.

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Activity around the registration desk.

Dr. Monte Monroe and others checking out the book auction items.

Paul Carlson.

Albert Camp, Jack Becker and others checking in at the registration desk.

Robert Hall, the driving force behind the meeting's organization.

Members checking out the book sellers section.

Connie Aguilar, Freedonia Paschall and Patt Perry setting up the silent auction room.

Freedonia Paschall finishing up on the sign up sheets for the silent auction.

Bob Fee, ? ... looking at some of the books for sale.

One of the many book seller displays.

 WTHA Families- the Next Generation (2002)
Members come in all age groups.

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Longtime WTHA members, Jim and Beckey Matthews with their daughters.

 Tiffany Fink with her son.

Rob Fink with the cutest attendee at the meeting.

The Speakers, Presenters and Appreciative Audience (2002)

The program offered a wide variety of presentations by speakers of all ages.

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Members waiting for the next session to start.

Janet Neugebauer and Georgia Mae Ericson waiting to hear the next paper.

Marletta Childs and Randy Vance, two of the meeting presenters.


Tai Kreidler chatting with presenter, Holle Humphries.

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